Shaded yard?  We have the solution!!

Has your bougainvillea over grown? Trim the top, sides, undercut the bottom and add some mulch for a fresh new look.

Better yet call us and we can do it for you!!


Bare garden beds, trouble with weeds?? Add  mulch every 6 months to give a new and fresh look to existing landscape.

Try some non-invasive bamboo such as Slender Weaver shown below.



Need Privacy but do not want a fence?

Try a hedge or two to create an oasis.

Keep checking back for more tips on how to make your landscape beautiful!!!!

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Mulch choices

SOD: Tips and Tricks

  1. Water daily for 30 days unless it rains
  2. Confirm Pest Control Company will be out with in 2 weeks of new SOD placement to help with SOD web worm, fungus and other elements that affect new SOD.
  3. Do not allow animals especially dogs to use the new SODDED area for the restroom. The acid in the urine will kill the SOD .
  4. Mow Lawn only after it is rooted generally 2-4 weeks.
  5. We do not Guarantee or Warranty SOD once it is placed.
  6. Most Importantly Enjoy your new lawn for years to come.

Most Popular Rock Choices....

Using Landscape Timbers to create raised beds

Azaleas: beautiful blooms once a year

​Cut them back once they are done blooming for a full look the following season 

Want an herb garden but dont have time for lots of watering....use a self watering system. See below

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